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tisdag 24 januari 2012


Varför har inte muslimer någon hyfs ???

"Muslims gone wild in Norway

by Kal El on August 24, 2008 · View Comments

I guess since they couldn’t find any kuffars to attack, muslims in Norway turned on each other. Today it’s Chechens vs Kurds.
OSLO, July 25 (Reuters) – Twenty-three people were wounded when a gang of 40-50 men armed with steel bars and machetes attacked residents at a refugee centre in Norway late on Thursday, officials said on Friday.
No one was seriously wounded, but 10 were sent to hospital and 13 treated at a local clinic, hospital officials said.  "

 HÄR,  kan ni läsa mer om muslimerna i Norge som inte vet att uppföra sig som folk ???

Och så har vi Norge igen, där  USA´s ambassad i Oslo, har mailat till sina amerikanska medborgare som befinner sig i Norge, att hålla sig inomhus när mörkret faller på och att inte gå omkring ensamma, suck, suck.

"US embassy: ‘Don’t walk alone in Oslo at night’

The United States embassy sent an email to US citizens in Oslo on Tuesday urging them to take extra care when out and about in the Norwegian capital after a spate of violent crimes in recent months.
The embassy made reference to a knife attack on a tram at Solli Plass on January 5th, two stabbing incidents at Oslo Central Station on January 10th, as well as a number of assaults in the city’s parks, particularly Slottsparken (The Palace Park), national broadcaster NRK reports.  "

Det bör nog gälla norrmännen med.
Läs hela inlägget och vad mer som US ambassad vill 
varna för, HÄR,
på Infidels Are Cool, som också skrev,
Thank you religion of peace! Norway is supposedly one of the safest countries on earth. Or at least it was, until it started importing jihadi scum by the boatload. Funny how everywhere muslims go, this sort of misery follows. I am sure it has nothing at all to do with religion though, right?  "

Ha det så gott.


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