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lördag 11 februari 2012


Spanien har blivit "översvämmade" av muslimer och det är riktigt tufft för spanjorerna nu som snart inte har mycket att säga till om.

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 04:52 AM PST
Just like in the UK, the US, pretty much anywhere most muslims immigrate, they are not their to assimilate, and join modern civilization. They are there to conquer, and drag the West back into the 7th century, remaking our lands into islamic shitholes, mirroring the lands they chose to leave behind.

Under Siege? Spain Resists Islamic ‘Invasion’

BARCELONA, Spain — Bullfighting is now illegal in the Spanish province of Catalonia. Some arenas have been converted into business spaces.
But Muslims want to turn the most famous arena, the Coliseum, into a giant mosque.
In fact, some cities in Spain now look more like the Middle East. Muslims, who once ruled most of nation, are returning in large numbers.
In the city of Salt, parents have come to pick up their children from school. Muslims already make up 40 percent of city residents and will soon be the majority.
But the city government has pushed back, placing a one-year hold on a large mosque project funded by radical Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia. "

Läs hela den här historien som bjuder på mycket fakta.
Sidan heter "Infidels Are Cool" och dit kommer du ,  HÄR.


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