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måndag 2 juli 2012


Läste just the Daily News Online, som handlade om hur det har gått med upproren och den önskade demokratin i länder som Tunisien, Marocko, Libyen, Egypten sam Syrien med flera.

Jag kunde inte ha sagt det bättre själv.
Läs hela artikeln och se hur det har gått.

Här kommer lite fakta först från Daily Mail ;


The ousting of staunchly secular Tunisian dictator Ben Ali in January 2011 marked the birth of the Arab Spring.

The country’s subsequent descent into religious extremism, lawlessness and economic ruin is a microcosm of what has happened throughout the region in all the countries caught up in the ongoing turmoil.

Elections last October brought to power Ennahda, the self-professed ‘moderate’ Islamist political party that is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood and which was banned under Ben Ali. However, tens of thousands of more radical Salafi Muslims have been causing constant mayhem on the streets of Tunis and throughout the country, attacking liberal artists and filmmakers, firebombing shops that sell alcohol, and assaulting women who refuse to wear the veil.

In recent weeks, rumours have been rife in the country that the Salafis may be about to launch an armed insurrection. Their goal: creating a hardline Islamist state.


The National Transitional Council, which has ruled since last year’s Nato-led uprising in Libya, governs in name only. Since the fall of Tripoli in August 2011, Libya has been in turmoil.

Officials openly admit billions of dollars have been smuggled out of the country by corrupt officials and businessmen, while the country’s infrastructure is disintegrating.

Just this month, the British ambassador’s vehicle was attacked by rocket-propelled grenades, and the U.S. Consulate was bombed. The latter attack was claimed by a local Islamist group, which said it was angered by assassinations of suspected Al Qaeda members in Pakistan.

Parliamentary elections slated for this month have been postponed until July  7, with officials citing ‘logistical and technical’ reasons for the delay. Not that most people in this most tribal of Arab countries, as elsewhere in the region, are likely to care.


Since Mubarak was ousted, the Muslim Brotherhood has repeatedly shown it is  willing — indeed eager — to reach compromises with the elite group of generals overseeing the messy transition to democracy.

That co-operation will continue now that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi is president.

The Muslim Brotherhood will leave policy decisions concerning the defence budget and foreign relations to the generals.

Instead, it will concentrate on radicalising Egyptian society through parliament — with devastating consequences for the liberal elite and religious minorities.


Exaggerated reports of the imminent overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad’s authoritarian regime have been a staple of the Western media for more than a year.

However, the initially peaceful street demonstrations have been hijacked by armed gangs of radical Islamists, whose members are drawn from both inside and outside the country. For the time being, the majority of the Syrian people are therefore sticking with the devil they know.

Still, with the Syrian regime’s crackdown on all dissent as ruthless as ever, the country could quickly descend into bloody civil war.

As hated leaders are replaced by even more brutally oppressive regimes, the Arab Spring has become a sick joke

By John Bradley

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s deposed dictator, is reportedly still in a coma after being handed a life sentence earlier this month for complicity in the deaths of almost 1,000 protesters during last year’s mass uprising against his tyrannical rule.
He is a man utterly lacking in charisma, who has only ever been interested in enriching his family and the corrupt tycoons who surrounded him. Few will shed any tears when he dies.
However, while Mubarak was no better known for his political acumen than for his benevolent rule, he has been proven right about one thing at least.
Sweeping to power: Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo's Tahrir Square at the weekend
Sweeping to power: Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo's Tahrir Square at the weekend   "

Helt sjukt och har trädet sjuk frukt, så är hela trädet sjukt och bör tas bort ersättas med friska träd, för att få frisk frukt.

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